3 reasons why you need an agile digital partner over a large digital vendor

3 reasons why you need an agile digital partner over a large digital vendor

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 27 Nov 2018

Businesses often choose large vendors for their digital transformation needs as they are perceived to have greater experience in executing complex and mission-critical projects. While large vendors are successful, their “generalist approach” towards project implementation sometimes are prone to inefficiency and lack of innovation. 

This could be the driving factor why enterprises are looking beyond traditional partners and have started engaging with smaller vendors due to their specialized focus and willingness to modify their operations to meet the unique needs of their clients.

Innovation – The bread and butter!

An Agile digital partner flourishes purely on a digital ecosystem and the culture of resources with such organizations are truly digital and innovative skill levels and thought process. You can name any latest digital buzz that’s on the tech trends, they can adapt quickly and deliver a minimum viable product to assess the fit into overall digital ecosystem!.

In essence, they are truly agile in churning the digital solutions that are more likely to move at the speed of the marketplace 

A large digital vendor’s major part of the revenue is derived from traditional application development and support. Digital projects are won at such organizations, owing to the brand visibility without even having a good digital team in place. Innovations and incremental efficiency of digital solutions are often a challenge!  

Gartner rightly justifies on why big companies need lean techniques for innovation

Bottom line – An Agile digital partner is capable to jump into the void covers anything digital under the sun as part of their lexicon!

Cost VS Quality – Assured value delivery!

For far too long, buyers and providers have engaged in traditional pricing models that are apparently safe but often leave the buyers high and dry in case of cost and budget overruns, agile organizations have brought a paradigm shift towards outcome-based delivery models are becoming the norm in the industry, thus eliminating sunk cost fallacies even in a large digital project when delivered based on an assured outcome model. 

Costs of resources are often competitive with agile organizations and ROI is assured automatically beside a win-win shared responsibility of delivering value and success.

Success – Mutually Aligned!

There is a global sea change in the way buyers want to deal with service providers, The CXO’s or IT bigwig on the buyer side is often driven by success metrics within their organization and want their successes mutually aligned with service providers. Agile organizations are generally more motivated to see their clients succeed because they are more invested in their business and failures cripple them.