Interact with Your Customers at Exactly the Right Time with Conversational UI 

Interact with Your Customers at Exactly the Right Time with Conversational UI 

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 02 Sep 2020

There are two aspects of Conversational UI that allow you to interact with your customers at exactly the right time to significantly increase your chances of converting your customer. The first – persistence. The second –their ability to send ‘notifications’. Let me explain.

Persistence. Conversational UI is one of the only UI elements that persists for your users throughout their entire session on your website, app, or other digital property. This gives you the unique opportunity to deliver high value information to your user at any time in their session.

Notifications. ‘Chatbots’ nowadays enable two-way communication to your users at scale – something that we haven’t typically seen. And one way of increasing the visibility of this brand-to-user conversation – sending notifications to your users. Popping quick snippets of text through your chatbot that get the users attention without taking up their full screen and giving them the control to interact with your chatbot is a fantastic opportunity.

Key words: high value. If you’re constantly spamming your users with irrelevant content, they’re going to tune out your chatbot. Like how most people exit out of pop ups without ever reading what’s in them.

Let’s look at a few examples of leveraging contextual interactions.

Example one. Lead generation. Sending a welcome message when a new user visits your site or app gives you huge leverage in getting their attention and collecting valuable information from them - their email, preferences, and other personal informationfor example. This data can then be used in the future to run marketing campaigns, build a customer profile, enable personalization techniques and so on.

Conversational UI

Example two. Increasing conversions. Imagine you’ve been eyeing a new, expensive watch for a few days now. Should you be spendingthat much? Probably not. You’re so tempted, but if only it was a little cheaper… Just then, that little chat bubble pops up. “Get 30% off if you check out by tomorrow”. Perfect! Sending high-value, personalized discounts to your users at exactly the right moment through conversational UI increases your chances of converting your customers significantly.

Example three. Increasing engagement. Another common application of conversational UI is to increase user engagement with your other digital content. For example, signing users up for upcoming product launches, referral programs, recommending articles & blogs and so on.

These are just some examples of some common ways brands are using Conversational UI to make meaningful, impactful experiences with their customers. How you decide to engage your customers depends on your brand goals, vision and persona.

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