Features of Adobe experience commerce cloud and its benefits

Features of Adobe experience commerce cloud and its benefits

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 19 Aug 2019

Digital experience solution

The tech savvy generation has evolved at a larger scale in their online shopping habits and notably, the smartest business owners have coped up with the evolving trend in understanding and fulfilling their customer’s digital experience expectations and online shopping behaviour by leveraging advanced technologies to its full potential.

But everyone wonders, which digital platform can cater to the rapid evolution of customer behaviour? 

The perfect answer would be a digital experience platform that comprises various technologies like the content management platform, commerce platform, Marketing capabilities, Advertising, and campaign management features, Data analytics and visualization which are deeply integrated into one native solution. 

Adobe experience cloud

Has any platform been completely groomed into a digital experience solution so far? Yes, but only countable solutions are available as of now wherein they too lag in few features. Understanding the void in the existing platforms Adobe has come up with a full suite digital experience cloud solution to engage the digital customers better in all aspects.

Magento Commerce cloud has been upgraded into a full-featured E-commerce digital experience platform after Adobe’s Magento acquisition and has been incorporated into Adobe digital experience cloud for its commerce functionality. The Adobe Experience cloud is pre-integrated with Adobe Experience Manager as a headless content management platform along with other extensible features like the Adobe marketing cloud, Adobe advertising cloud, and Adobe analytics cloud to help business owners drive profitable outcomes

Adobe experience cloud’s compatibility                        

Now Medium and Enterprise clients can get ready to leverage the open-source flexibility with the new adobe experience cloud with unlimited scalability and global expansion. Furthermore, the compatibility extends in providing high security and increased performance without having to compromise on reducing your total cost of ownership with the help of a service enabler like Ameex. 

Adobe experience cloud provides cloud hosting feature and a single data repository with faster time to market capability. Small Businesses can render a month on month subscription with a highly customizable platform wherein, Mid and Enterprise businesses can optimize an enterprise grade solution inclusive of B2B functionality. Merchants can gain help from service enablers to align Adobe experience cloud solution according to their business needs.

Benefits of Adobe experience cloud

Generation x customers communicate with a brand through different touchpoints these days and that’s why it is important for a merchant to deliver a full cycle customer experience through differentiated screen dimensions including desktop, mobile, Tablet, IoT and in-store touchpoints. You can now reach a wide variety of customers by integrating third party sales channels like Amazon channels through APIs. Empower your content base through seamless omni-channel content delivery and improve your web traffic. Integrate third party applications like ERP, CRM, Marketing automation tools and get a unified single view of your customer and infer the metrics to take business decisions. 

Out – of – Box Features

By default, Experience cloud comprises of Page builder to create custom pages, Magento order management with multiple fulfilment options, Adobe Business intelligence and advanced analytics to identify your most profitable customers and Magento market place to leverage 1000+ extensions available for you. Adobe’s PWA studio allows you to create and manage powerful PWA. Edge out the extensive feature of PWA from Adobe’s PWA studio through a headless API and build your own PWA. Seamless Omni-channels content delivery has to be backed by sensible AI/ML personalisation. Adobe Sensei enables you to clout the AI/ML driven personalisation through an API. 

In a nutshell, incorporate a complete digital commerce experience in one platform like Adobe experience cloud and reduce your operational costs rather integrating multiple different technologies and creating hassle

To leverage Adobe experience cloud solution and improve your digital retail operations in an incremental approach, contact us now and get best-in-class adobe experience cloud consulting to thrive business growth.


1.    How does the small business and enterprise solution differ?

A month on month subscription model is available for small business solutions and a B2B functionality is included for the enterprise version.

2.    How headless AEM and Magento commerce works? 

The Headless architecture of AEM and Magento is integrated using an API/connector to deliver profitable customer experience through experience driven commerce solution

3.    Are APIs for other third-party integrations available?

Magento and AEM have a more than 1000+ Extensions from the market place and native APIs available for any two-way integrations.

4.    Will my Operating cost increase by incorporating Adobe commerce cloud?

Since Adobe and Magento releases upgrades and Security patches often and offers continuous support to the community, you incur only a less operating cost overall

5.    Why Choose Ameex?

Ameex Technologies is a partner of both Adobe and Magento and has delivered exceptional services to 300+ clients in US overall with over 40+ E-commerce services in specific.