9 Questions You Need to Ask About Sharepoint Services

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Ask These Questions to Gain Better Sharepoint Understanding Knowing These Answers Will add to Your Sharepoint Foundation.

Summary of Sharepoint Questions

What is a Sharepoint feature? 

It is a functional component which can be activated and de-activated at either the farm level, Web application level, site level, or web level. Features have their own architectures, which allows them to trap events like installation and activation.

How does Sharepoint Portal Server work with Microsoft Windows? 

Sharepoint delivers scalable collaboration solutions and allows for flexible deployment. Windows Sharepoint Services provides sites for team collaboration, while PortalServer connects the sites and users to each other.

How is Sharepoint Workflow used?

There are three types of workflows used in SharePoint, List Workflow, Reusable Workflow, Site workflow.

  • List Workflow: Using this mechanism you can attach the workflow directly to the list or library
  • Reusable Workflow: This type of workflow is created with reusability in mind. Create a reusable workflow when you intend to attach it to multiple lists/libraries or a content type and use that content type within a list or library
  • Site Workflow - Site based workflow does not require to be attached to a list or library. It works on the site itself. Use this workflow if you do not want to restrict the automated process to a list or library on the site. For example, you can use the site workflow to take a survey of the site members or to execute a process on a Document Set.

What kinds of input forms can be created for Workflow?

The four types of input forms which can be created for a Workflow are a task edit form, an association form, a modification form, and an initiation form.

What are content types? 

Content types are re-usable WSS definitions that define the columns and behaviors for an item in a list or document. Thus it would be possible to create a content type for a leave approval document with a unique set of columns or an event handler. 

What is a field control? 

Field controls are ASP.NET 2.0 controls that provide the fundamental functionality of any field in Sharepoint, examples of which might be displaying or editing list data as it appears on pages. 

Can multiple instances of Sharepoint be pointed to the same database? 

Yes, multiple instances of Sharepoint can be pointed to the same server, but not to the same database on that server, and the server itself must be SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005.

What is the difference between the two base classes in Sharepoint? 

One of these base classes is intended to facilitate backward compatibility with previous versions of Sharepoint, and the other base class is intended to support cross page connections, the data caching infrastructure, client-side connections, and connections between Web Parts outside a Web Part Zone.

What is CAML? 

CAML is Collaborative Application Markup Language, and it is used to provide data constructs in the building of Sharepoint fields, views, and table definitions. It also has an important role in querying, building, and customizing Sharepoint websites.

Who to Call for Sharepoint Services?

If your business would benefit by making greater use of Sharepoint services, contact the professional consultants at Ameex Technologies to help make that happen. They can help with installation and guide you through the process of training and make better use of this powerful toolset.