5 Ways how AI driven Bots help you to improve Customer engagement

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

Having a customer facing chatbot isn’t that big of a deal anymore. You can Google a chatbot creator, choose one you like, and have a chatbot within hours. Having a good customer facing chatbot, however, is another story. Turning any old bot into a personalized and humanized customer facing bot is where the magic is – and your customers can tell which kind you have from their experience with your bot.

A good customer experience is what distinguishes a company trying solely to sell their product or service from a company that sells experiences and values relationships – and at the end of the day, these relationships determine customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Chatbots are a huge asset to your company when developing your customer facing applications - a well designed and implemented chatbot can help set your user experience apart from your competitors’ and can help build that crucial customer relationship.

Here are some of the features that a chatbot can offer from a customers’ perspective that a traditional support team cannot match.

Personalizing Your Customers’ Experience

Bots can help your customers understand what your brand is all about in a smooth, conversational way. Since bots can be programmed with specific textual and graphical responses, they can come off as funny, playful, serious or even to-the-point and provide an immersive experience. The specific attitude your bot employs helps your customers understand the dynamic of your brand, and your customers to experience and build a strong relationship with your company as well.


Bots can be a great medium for data collection – by asking simple questions and understanding and influencing your customers’ digital journey, your bot can aid your digital platform in performing deeper levels of analytics on your users. The data your bot collects persists throughout customer interactions as well – unlike human support agents, your bot will always remember what it learns about your users – it will never have to ask repetitive questions about your customers’ preferences and habits before giving useful insights.

Dynamic and Omni Channel Customer Engagement

Chatbots can help you engage your customers in a multitude of ways – answering questions is one, but there are many more. For example, chatbots can help your users navigate your website, collect their information, and perform tasks in a more human friendly form. Chatbots can live in various channels – across web, mobile, social media voice (Google Home, Amazon Alexa) and IoT mediums, your bot can aid your customers to experience a seamless digital journey across all their devices.

Ready Round-the-Clock

With chatbots supporting your customer support specialists, the amount of time your employees have to spend on elementary tasks reduces dramatically. Your customers never have to experience being put on hold or wait to speak to “the next available representative” for simple tasks and queries that can be handled by your bot – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This immediate, dynamic relationship your consumers experience with your company can drastically improve their digital experience, leading to higher customer engagement and satisfaction.

Multilingual Support

Customer support in recent times has grown to be a global endeavor, not a localized service. One huge downfall of this system is customer-vendor communication. How do you train a group of customer support specialists to understand hundreds of languages, nuances and dialects to support the needs of a global brand? Training humans to understand hundreds or even thousands of languages is impossible, but training chatbots to perform such a feat is a much easier task. Chatbots can transition languages in the middle of conversations, help your business engage a wider audience, and, with recent developments like Google Duplex, could potentially provide unparalleled levels of conversational customer support.


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