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4 Ways Episerver can make your website a B2B selling machine

Authored by Ameex Technologies on 11 Sep 2018

As a cutting-edge global software company, Episerver has prided themselves in providing well-rounded, seamless, B2B digital experiences. By using the newest tech trends (like AI), Episerver can help completely transform an e-commerce site from a simple click-to-cart experience to a cross-selling, intelligent merchandising, personalized machine.

So, what sets this CMS apart?

1. Find

Good user experience dictates that there is a balance between catering to users who prefer to search for results versus those who prefer to navigate for results. However, according to a recent article posted by eConsultancy, 30% of site visitors will use a site’s search feature. Search users have a high expectation of accuracy. With Episerver’s Find product you get an enterprise search solution that allows site owners to ensure result accuracy and insight into common user search requests. This gives an e-commerce owner the ability to drive traffic to appropriate locations as well as guide users to pages with higher-click through rates (likely purchases). Pair this with the behavior based smart-autocomplete and you have a powerful tool that can optimize an entire site’s experience.

2. Personalization

Over the past 5 years, you may have increasingly heard the term “personalization” thrown around in conversation about e-commerce. This hot topic is doing more than just creating chatter, it is helping businesses maximize their online sales conversions. According to a Janrain study, 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content, like promos or ads, appear but have nothing to do with their interests. By personalizing your e-commerce content and tools you can cater to each user’s unique interests and behavior. So how is Episerver as a CMS helping to create an engaging experience with personalization?

Episerver breaks their Personalization products down into four tools – Find, Reach, Advance, and Perform. We’ve already discussed Find in point one, but let’s take it a step further. Epi’s Find tool out the box is powerful, but when combined with personalization it is designed to optimize the search feature by displaying relevant search results based on a user’s behavior and then displaying products based on their behavioral data and merchandise strategies.

Reach, however, works to create a customized marketing and notification emails for each customer. These messages are triggered based on a customer’s behavior and interactions. The most commonly perspective of Personalization is personalized content, which is where Advance comes in to play. With Advance, landing pages are automatically updated in real time with content based on data collected about a user.

Perform provides product and cross-selling recommendations while a user is interacting with the site. are made throughout the site in real-time.

And Insight enables the site owner to access data collected from the site in order to create campaigns based on the compiled data.

Overall, Episerver’s Personalization products are designed to provide actionable details about your customers and allow you to create a user experience that subtly helps your customer’s help themselves.

3. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Companies that do business in Europe will now need to comply with strict rules around how they handle and protect customer data by May 25, 2018 or face heavy fines. Episerver has years of experience in Ion cloud infrastructure and the importance of compliance with data protection. The Epi team has worked tirelessly to move into GDPR compliance as well as educate their users on how to manage their own digital security.

Since the announcement of GDPR, Episerver has acquired their own ISO Certification and are following (National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST) standards. They are constantly reviewing their security practices and perform a gap analysis of new software development and managed services to ensure GDPR compliance. Through their data protection officer and Governance Board, they are driving on-going training and education around data security and protection. They ensure that their own interactions with data follow strict policies and procedures. Episerver also requires that all vendors (like Ameex) sign a data processing agreement to ensure their partners hold customer data to the same level of compliance. In the future, you can expect to see security best-practices information published by the Epi team to help customers to become and remain compliant.

4. Data-Driven Marketing

“Spaghetti on the wall” marketing tactics are a thing of the past. By using customer information acquired from collected data, businesses can now target a buyer by presenting creative and tailored marketing campaigns across any channel. Episerver Campaign Management is a simple interface that uses AI to take Marketing Automation to the next level. Campaign Management allows B2B site owners to design and individualize content while providing relevant product/service information straight to their customers. Site owners can produce creative campaigns and measure their success and measure revenue goals by using the built-in analytics to help improve customer experiences.

While the Episerver development team has a few other tricks up their sleeves, we feel the above examples are what set Episerver apart from other enterprise e-commerce platforms. Their continuous dedication to progressive innovation in e-commerce can be the beacon to a B2B’s digital journey.

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