Arria– the world’s most advanced NLG [Natural Language Generation]

Transform structured data into natural language and understand your business performance in no time by leveraging Arria’s NLG engine.



Why NLG?

For large companies, it incurs a lot of manual effort, time, and cost to comprehend and summarize large volumes of repetitive data into a readable format. NLG tools automatically analyze, interpret, and identify the most significant data, and generate written reports as readable texts with precision, scale, and accuracy. It helps in automation of routine analysis, improves productivity, and informs business leaders and stakeholders to understand their business performance quickly, know the KPIs, and improve ROI.

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  • Value Arria Delivers

    Arria NLG is the most advanced form of artificial intelligence that transforms structured data into natural language. Through powerful algorithms and modeling, Arria software replicates the human process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights – dynamically turning data into a written or spoken narrative – at machine speed and massive scale.

    Key Benefits

    • Generate true data-driven narratives
    • Enables faster decision making.
    • On-premises, private cloud, or public cloud deployment.
    • Flexible architecture allows for seamless integration with 3rd party systems.
    • Have the ability to customize projects the way you want.
    • Helps save major time and cost.
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