AngularJs Services

Ameex has an expert skill set with developing web and mobile assets with the open source framework. We have a proven record in building secure and easy to maintain Angular JS based web and mobile applications delivered to small-medium scale and enterprise level organizations. 

Angular JS structure is familiar in that it is a natural extension of HTML, and its tags and attributes are used to provide further expressiveness to displays, and as commands to bind and output sections of the application page to a model built with standard terms available through the JavaScript language.

Salient Features of Angular JS 

Reusable HTML components

The same familiar declarative structures and patterns used in HTML are used by Angular to create greater expressiveness for data binding and the behavior of presentation components.

Two-way data binding

Because templates can be presented using plain HTML from data contained in the scope of the model, the complexity of code is greatly reduced and back-end server traffic is also much reduced.

De-coupled Architecture

A decoupled architecture between the client side and the server side allows to carry out development and testing on both platforms in parallel and independently. 

Faster Time to Market

AngularJS includes much of the JavaScript code you would ordinarily have to write to tie an interface to the underlying data management system, which means much time and effort can be saved in the design and development phases.

Integration Capabilities

Angular JS is maintained as an open-source framework for developers to use by Google and a whole community of developers striving to optimize single-page applications. This positions it ideally to integrate with other Google components which might enhance the application's functionality.

Our Angular JS Services

We bring to you with a team of 400 strong professionals the following Angular JS services.

  • Angular JS Web development
  • Angular JS Mobile App development
  • Single page application development
  • Migration and version upgrade services 
  • QA and Testing services
  • Angular based plugin development

Why Choose Ameex?

Ameex has over 11 years of experience in web CMS domain making us one of the experts in the services we offer. Our certified Angular JS developers, Business Analysts and Technical architects and help you bridge your business requirements to your technical requirements enabling you to achieve your business goals. We also offer you Angular JS consultation to your existing projects. 

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